Terms and conditions

1. General provisions

It is a contract between the buyer and MB Imperium Aeternum LTD who bought a product in the Crocogo online store or ordered it with a proforma invoice. The seller is a legal entity with the registration address: Kaunas, Baltijos 55-4, Lithuania. Code of activity of the legal person No.303916987. The Republic of Lithuania is the legal jurisdiction of the legal person. The buyer is the person who bought the goods in the online store Crocogo and paid it fully in advance. Buying and paying for goods in the online store Crocogo.com causes that the buyer automatically agrees with the terms of use, the moment of purchase is considered the moment of receipt of the money transfer, advance payment (when the legal person code303916987 receives a full prepayment for the whole or in price from discount).

2. Return of goods and cancellation of the order

The buyer has the right to cancel the shipment only in this case when the product has not been sent to the buyer’s address, after receiving the goods the buyer has the right to return the product within 30 days and recover all the money paid by the buyer, the buyer is responsible for the delivery of the goods and disappearance of the goods, i.e. lost in time of logistics or delivery, the buyer incurs losses and the seller does not compensate for losses and damages caused by the buyer, unless the product has reached the seller and the seller’s distribution point lost the goods – in this case the seller should cover the buyer’s losses. The seller returns the money within 10 business days, the date counted from the date of delivered of the goods to the seller.

In the event that the packaging of the goods is damaged, damaged or the product has been used, and has lost the visual appearance of the goods, the seller has the right not to accept the goods and not return the money to the buyer – in this case the seller is responsible for delivering the goods back to the buyer. Buyer himself, bearing the delivery costs, should deliver the goods to the logistics center or to the address shown by the seller, the seller shows the address to which the goods should be delivered, the buyer confirms and agrees to send the returned product abroad to the Republic of Lithuania, if is required by the seller. The money is returned to the same payment account from which payment was received.

3. Delivery

The approximate date of delivery to the Europe, Australia and United States and Assia are 7-20 business days and up to 45 business days to the South of America and Oceania, the maximum delivery period is 60 calendar days if goods are not delivered in 60 days seller must refund the order. In unforeseen circumstances, if the supplier has sent the shipment by another method of delivery than the seller has been informed, the seller is not responsible for the delay of the goods. If the goods fail to reach the buyer within 60 calendar days, the buyer requests a refund and the seller should return the amount paid to the buyer. If the parcel is lost during logistics or on the road (trip), the seller must return the buyer’s money, the parcel is considered lost if it does not reach the buyer within 60 calendar days. The seller bears full responsibility for the buyer of the purchased goods, giving to the courier and generally providing a faster delivery method for all customers, but the seller is not responsible for the delay for the courier who sent the goods. After sending the goods, the seller should send the buyer information about tracking the shipment  and a link at which the buyer can track the shipment. The seller is responsible for delivering the goods to the address of the buyer at the nearest post office or the nearest collection point.

4. Warranty service

We provide a 14-day return guarantee for goods for home use. Some goods are covered by a 2-year warranty, which is indicated in the description of the product. The buyer is responsible for delivering the product to the after sales service, and the seller is responsible for delivering the goods to the buyer when it is being repaired. In the case of moisture, mechanical damage or due to improper use, or excessive wear that does not occur when using the product without a care – the product is not covered by the warranty. The repair of the goods may take up to 30 calendar days, excluding the period of transporting the goods.

5. Payment methods

Payments in the Crocogo online store are made in advance via Paypal. The buyer makes a full advance payment for the order, then the seller sends the order to the supplier who begins to prepare the parcel for delivery, fees are collected via Paypal.

6. Security

To secure data security, the reseller’s website has an SSL certificate installed and payments are made securely via Paypal. Buyer’s data can not be disclosed and are used only to the extent necessary to execute orders, i.e. forwarding an order for a courier or supplier and using to manage orders. Seller cannot give a private information of the buyer to the third parties unless it’s legal required.