Smart hurricane broom




Clear anything and everything!



  • Adjustable stick length
    The charged battery works about 60 minutes
    Simple and easy to use
    Up to 3 times more efficient cleaning!
    You will not find this item in local stores
    Save your valuable time!



Let the scrubber fill the most of the work for you!

Introducing the new – intelligent mop for easy and efficient cleaning at home. This new mop  will make cleaning easier and simpler in maintaining perfect cleanliness at your home! It is an indispensable cleaning tool for every home. You can easily clean your bathroom, kitchen or any other places of your home. The scrubber has 3 different brush heads for cleaning. This will allow you to clean the areas that are difficult to reach with ordinary cleaning tools. Cleaning your home with this universal device requires only a minimal effort, because the intelligent mop has a battery. The efficiently rotating exchangeable set of brush heads will fill all the work for you!








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